Teams that trust and understand each other deliver results
High performing teams achieve that status through a deliberate process of building trust, ensuring effective communications, creating alignment on roles and task and committing to the team’s success.
We can help you diagnose problems and opportunities, identify development needs, prevent failure and dramatically increase your team’s chances of success. Through training and team-specific interventions we have moved thousands of teams from dysfunction to high performance.Our team development offerings are built upon the powerful Insights Discovery program. Insights Discovery helps team members understand who they are, and how they show up to the others or their team. Using this knowledge, the teams make actionable and directed changes to enhance team performance and relationships.


Insights Discovery for Teams helps team members understand their personal styles and the styles of their team mates. Using this understanding we build the team through developing trust, respect and learning to adapt and connect to work most effectively together.

Discovering Team Effectiveness builds on the learnings from Insights Discovery for Teams and provides a framework for understanding and assessing the team’s performance. The workshop helps optimize team dynamics and performance and helps teams understand and shape their culture.

Resolving Team Conflict helps teams understand healthy vs. unhealthy conflict and provides an approach to resolve conflicts in a way that builds team commitment and cohesion.

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