We have helped thousands of leaders, from CEOs to Supervisors, uncover and develop their best leadership styles.

Executive Coaching

The purpose of executive coaching is to help coaching clients create awareness of the underlying preferences and assumptions that create their work and leadership styles, to understand the impact that these assumptions and preferences have on their colleagues and work performance, and create and execute a plan that eliminates behavioral and attitudinal derailers and improves their effectiveness as a colleague and leader. The executive coaching process is collaborative effort between the coaching client, the organization and the executive coach. The Center for Contexts has coached thousands of leaders across industries and disciplines.

5-Step Coaching Process

Rated excellent by our clients and is proven to deliver lasting results

  • Develop relationship
  • Clarify issues
  • Agree to process
  • 360 degree interviews
  • Style assessments
  • Performance review documents
  • Client self-reporting
  • Define goals
  • Develop success measures
  • Develop and agree to action plan
  • Meet weekly/bi-weekly
  • Capability building discussions and skill exercises
  • Review progress and remove obstacles
  • Re-assess data
  • Evaluate progress and process
  • Ensure sustainability
We have a suite of course offerings in leadership development that have been proven to increase leader effectiveness.

Our clients consistently rate our courses with 5 stars calling them, “impactful”, “Insightful” and “very valuable”.

Effective leadership means creating, directing and conserving the emotional energy of your people. To do this, you must be self-aware, communicate effectively, think strategically and act empathetically. You must understand your impact on others as well as the bottom line.

Leaders in the world’s best organizations rely on the Center for Context and Insights Discovery to understand themselves and the skills and behaviors needed to be a great leader.

In many of our most popular programs, we use Insights Discovery™ and Insights Transformational Leadership™ profiles. These personal profile tools help leaders understand themselves, their interpersonal and work style preferences and how these lead to their leadership styles. Using this understanding, leaders will quickly be able to form stronger relationships with those they lead. And they will have a valuable framework for conversations about communication, purpose, strengths & weaknesses and discovering what each team member needs from their leader.

Leading in a Matrix Environment
The purpose of the Leading in a Matrix Environment workshop is to provide team leaders, project leaders and others with the skills they need to successfully manage cross functional teams and stakeholders in a complex, matrix environment. Influence, collaboration and accountability are explored with discussion and some specific practices for self appraisal and skill building in these areas. Case studies are used to reinforce these learning’s. Influence strategies are reviewed and applied to cases.

Leading a Resilient Organization
This course teaches leaders how to help their organizations develop resilience to thrive during periods of change and volatility. The participants learn principles of leadership and which leadership skills are especially important in times of uncertainty. We explore how uncertainty affects individuals and how that impacts their ability to respond to change.

We give leaders practical tools to use with their organizations to be resilient and agile during change.

Our Leadership Development Course Offerings:

Discovering Leadership Effectiveness
An individual’s leadership approach is strongly influenced by their personal preferences. We help leaders understand more about these preferences, and how they can have a positive or negative influence on those they lead. Using a simple leadership model, we explore the four qualities of leadership, and help leaders understand how personal preferences – both theirs and their team members’ – can determine motivators and blockers.

Self-Aware Leader
Building on the simple, industry-leading Insights Discovery model for understanding self and others, The Self-Aware Leader brings leaders together to reflect on, evaluate and discuss leadership approaches. With an emphasis on personal assessment and goal setting, the learning is deeply individual, while also providing stimulating group discussion. Together, leaders will:

  • Learn the strengths and challenges of their unique leadership style
  • Become more aware of blind spots and biases
  • Understand their purpose and core values, and how to bring these to life for those they lead
  • Recognise and appreciate the impact they may have on others

Leading Change
The ability to successfully lead their organizations through change continues to be one of the most critical skills leaders must have. In this course, leaders learn the Human Change Process, the Leader’s role in managing their people through change, how to develop a highly effective change strategy and vital skills in developing employee motivation and engagement in times of change.

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